Unit pricing: The Unit Price in the Veloce residential Property Fund as at 1st July 2019 is $1.00.

Welcome to Veloce Funds Management.

Veloce Funds Management Ltd ACN 623 948 998 is the Responsible Entity of the Veloce Residential Property Fund.

The Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth and income by investing in a diversified, professionally researched portfolio of residential property in Australia. The Fund will also hold cash and cash equivalents.

The Veloce Residential Properties Fund enables you to build upon the benefits of property investment, while reducing some of the hurdles, disadvantages and risks of direct investing. A typical investor in the Fund would be seeking long-term capital growth and understands that the value of their investment may rise and fall. The fund is open-ended, allowing you the option of additional contributions to suit your investment needs.

For further details, please see the Product Disclosure Statement

The Directors and Responsible Managers of Veloce have the passion and expertise necessary for the successful operation of the fund in areas including market analysis, property acquisition, financial analysis and funds management.

What do you want to do?

  • Get my first property
  • Set my kids up
  • Invest in property

If you’re working toward owning a property, whether it’s your first home or an investment property, the Veloce Residential Property Fund may be suitable for you. By investing in the Fund, you are investing in property, the very same asset you are striving to purchase.

This means that your investment is likely to keep pace with the property market whereas other investments in non-related asset classes may not.

You may continue making contributions and adding to your investment each month. The combination of capital growth, rental income and investment earnings all contribute to you reaching your long-term goals.

Allie and Sam have been working for a few years and have managed to put aside $32,000 toward the deposit for their first home.

They are budgeting and adding to their savings each month. Because the property market is down and the media are reporting house prices falling, they see this as an opportunity to get into the market now and take advantage of future long-term growth. They would like to invest the money they have saved in property, but don’t have enough to invest directly just yet.

Using Veloce, they can invest their money in property and thereby have a better likelihood of keeping pace with the market whilst they keep working toward their longer-term goals.

*Examples are for illustration purposes only. Before investing, please read the PDS to determine whether Veloce is appropriate for you.

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There’s so much negativity out there right now. You’ve probably heard all the talk about young people never being able to save a deposit, let alone afford a home. As a parent, you want to do what you can to help. With the Veloce Residential Property Fund, you can invest in property now as a way of helping set your children up for the future.

You know from experience that with a goal, a plan and a little discipline you can get there. With Veloce, your money is invested in property and you can make monthly contributions to add to your investment. The combination of capital growth, rental income and investment earnings all help put your children into a position where, when the time comes, they may be able to go and buy their own home or investment property.

Of course, you may have different goals in mind that don’t involve property; that’s perfectly fine. You’ll still potentially enjoy all the benefits property investing can provide.

Mark and Lola purchased their family home 15 years ago and it has increased substantially in value over that time. They recently sold an investment property Lola had purchased before they got married, which enabled them to pay off their home loan, leaving almost $100,000 excess. They have a long-term plan to help set their two children up for the future. They are investing $25,000 for each of them in the Veloce Residential Property Fund and will make ongoing monthly contributions on their behalf. Over the coming years they will get the benefit of capital growth and rental income and believe this will go a long way toward helping their children enter the market when they are ready.

*Examples are for illustration purposes only. Before investing, please read the PDS to determine whether Veloce is appropriate for you.

Perhaps you already own your home, maybe even an investment property or a share portfolio. The Veloce Residential Property Fund may be a means of diversifying and growing your investment. You can invest in property without having to worry about researching and selecting suitable properties, finding a tenant, collecting rent, maintenance and all the other challenges of direct property ownership. With Veloce, you get all the benefits and leave behind many of the hassles of direct investment.

Davina and Sally are both professionals earning a good income. They live a very comfortable lifestyle and have a substantial amount of money set aside for investing. They already have a share portfolio and have made additional contributions to their superannuation. They have considered buying an investment property but are unsure of what type of property they should buy and where they will get the best returns. They plan to invest $60,000 in the Veloce Residential Property Fund so that they take advantage of long-term growth and diversify their investment portfolio.

*Examples are for illustration purposes only. Before investing, please read the PDS to determine whether Veloce is appropriate for you.